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Esther Brinkmann Monograph

The work of Esther Brinkmann is characterized by the meaning she bestows on the ring, its relationship to the hand and, perhaps most surprisingly, to its case. The Swiss artist prefers processed and textured materials, which now also include new component forms, techniques, and substances since her time living in China and India.
She established a further education training program in jewelry design — an unique undertaking in Switzerland — at the Haute École d’Art et de Design (HEAD) in Geneva. Here, her knowledge and autonomy in her work have already shaped several other artistic careers.
This publication presents Esther Brinkman’s oeuvre from the past thirty years and highlights for the first time the remarkable strength and the freedom that distinguish the artist’s rich career.

Authors: Ward Schrijver, Philippe Solms, Fabienne X. Sturm, Elizabeth Fischer

Jewelry designer: Esther Brinkmann

Publisher: Arnoldsche

Photos: Ariel Huber, Esther Brinkmann, digi-lith

Book repro: Ben Zurbriggen