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Gabbani is the oldest delicatessen in the swiss italian part (1937). It is an old family business that survived and flourished until becoming the state-of-the-art reference in the food industry. 30 People are working to serve the best as possible to their costumers. The company is divided in the following sectors: food (vegetables and fruits, meet, wine and spirits, flowers, bread and pasta, G product line), restaurant, bed&breakfast and catering.
For Gabbani we have created the new identity and few promotional campaigns.
The idea behind the project was create a fashionable and bold identity in order to stand out from the crowd in a competitive market. Visually the references are from the flavour of the 30’s with a mix of various typographies and the use of the black&white optical art typical of the 60’s.
The new line of packaging takes its references from some elements of the Optical Art movement as well as playing with the italian popular culture (Pulcinella). The black and white approach makes the all range standing out from the colorful and flashy bags commonly used by the competitors. The vibration of the lines gives Gabbani a notion of hidden colours and movement.
A great restaurant needs a good menu, and a good menu deserves a great card. With that in mind, we designed a family of cards for every need. The client can change the content daily and update the menu. All the cards are made by hand in Switzerland by a binder who holds the ancient techniques. The choice of materials and print techniques were carefully selected to create a unique experience.
A new brand restaurant on the second floor of the Gabbani new building has opened. The idea behind the concept is to create an easy and relaxed environment with a simple but high-quality menu. The contemporary interior reflects the new approach. Chair by Konstantin Gricic mixed with old bespoke tables, old fashion Prouvé lamps mixed with ultra-tech Artemide lights. The graphic design is an evolution of the new corporate. We used the rhombus shape and made it as the main actor of the promotion. Lines and shapes are mixed together like a salad in a big bowl.
After years of cumulative opening of small sub-shops on the same street, Gabbani decided to merge them in one. They bought a wonderful old building next to their first shop on “Via Pessina”. The new building hosts all the shops: a coffee bar, a restaurant and an hotel. The advertising campaign for the opening was a clear message of high quality and luxury, a piece of artwork that celebrates food as its best as well as becoming a style life icon. With this poster we introduced the new black and white corporate identity.

Photographic credits:
Olivier Lovey
Sylvain Meltz
Adrien Cater
Virginie Otth