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Poster campaign for the Swiss referendum about Basic Income held the 5th June 2016. With this project we decided to apply a radical art approach into a political campaign, enhancing beauty as a political message. A radical design for a radical new idea of society.
The essential gold circle, reflects on the memories of the viewer, giving different interpretations. Can be just a gold dot, strong sign easy to look to, but can also become more connected to the Basic Income campaign, in wish the campaigner drop more than 20’000.- Swiss francs in little golden 5 cents. But can for sure go also in a spiritual dimension remembering the Giotto painting and the idea that such of a new law could make everyone a better citizen. Basic income in Wikipedia

During the voting day, we did a celebrative performance at the Unternehmen Mitte in Basel, sticking beside the Yes the percentage of Swiss voters who supported the campaign. Still half a million Swiss citizen voted for this new groundbreaking idea, that will probably be a reality in one of two decades.

Basic income campaign
Grundeinkommen Schweiz

89,5 x 128 cm,
Screen printed

Large Banners:
2200×900 cm
Digital print