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Is perpetual printing possible? The dream of eternal life accompanies us since the beginning of time, from primitive rituals in all kinds of religions, to the science of the Enlightenment, and the transhumanistic promises of eternal life into hard drives.The Loopers Installation at the Weltformat festival is a project exploring the use of plotter printers and the principle of seriality. Series of colors are generated through the use of algorithms, overprinting the same sheet of paper again and again through the whole duration of the performance.

The project was developed by the Center for Future Publishing and HEAD-Geneva, with the contribution of Nicolas Baldran, Paul Choppin, Demian Conrad, Juan Gomez, David Hériter, Rémi Opalinski, Pierre Rossel, Guillaume Zwaan, Jasmine Molano.

Curators: Raphael Schoen & Stephanie Cuérel
Tool: Modified HP DesignJet 500, Processing
Photo credit: Luis Hartl, Michel Giesbrecht