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The only obstacle to perpetual printing is the entropy of the equipment. A stripped, dismantled HP DesignJet 500 inkjet printer shows its inner nature, fragile, made of motors, cables and mechanical parts. The primary functions are reversed. The machine does not produce only one page at a time but on a loop, thus creating blurry print on an 8 m2 motion screen. The paper management system, the sensors and the cartridges have been hacked through a programme that defies the industrial process. An algorithm fuels its action that is minimal and reduced to the essential: a horizontal line. The noise becomes a line, the line becomes a sound, time transforms them into musique concrète. The fragmented sign prints and overprints itself without pausing, generating a random, perpetually-changing composition. The display device, a large metal modular system, acts as a support structure for the central “Perpetual Printing” piece as well as an archive and a place for sharing the various experiments that the Center carries out. Among the disassembled screens, screws, publications and colour samples, student projects tell the story of two years of activity at CfFP.

The project was carried out thanks to the work of the team at CfFP: Pierre-Alain Giesser, Jérôme Baratelli, Gaëtan Stierlin, David Héritier, Juan Gomez, Pierre Rossel, Penelope Umbrico and Demian Conrad.

HP DesignJet 500 inkjet
12 m2 inkjet mat paper
Michel Giesbrecht
Lionel Henriod

Center for Future Publishing