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Introducing the minimal and crafted visual identity for Di Iorio Boermann Architektur GMBH, encapsulated in a collection of stationery artifacts. The design is a harmonious interplay of carefully chosen colors: a muted yet deep blue, an understated gray, and a pristine white, all working in tandem to evoke a sense of modern sophistication. The varied color palette not only aids in immediate recognition but also provides a subtle hierarchy in communication. Combined with the tactile contrast between the rough and the smooth, shiny surfaces of the paper, the stationary allure and captivate. The chosen typography, set in the iconic Univers Bold 65 uppercase by Adrian Frutiger, punctuates the design with clarity and elegance with a touch of humanism. Each item, handcrafted and printed with precision using a bloc-folio mechanical press, is a testament to the client’s dedication to detail and excellence. In essence, this visual identity is a true reflection of Di Iorio Boermann Architektur GMBH’s commitment to innovation, quality, and architectural finesse.

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Photography by Georg Aerni

Reproduction by Ben Zurbriggen