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Neural Scapes is a collection of three books, generated by artificial intelligence, by Automatico Studio: Rainbow, Sunset, and Shadow Book. The project employs AI to study and depict atmospheric phenomena. These books transition from a classic text-based medium to a visual and spacial experience.

Conceptualized in 2023, the project sees Automatico Studio exploring AI as a tool for measurement, discovery, and wonder. Atmospheric phenomena are reimagined, offering new perspectives that transcend traditional optical analysis of colors and shades, delving into a realm of numbers and codes.

Rainbow Book is particularly captivating, its ability to offer a deeply immersive experience of color. Traditionally, the colors of the rainbow are seven, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. However, Rainbow Book extends beyond this simple classification by providing an enriched palette that captures the subtle, often unperceived gradations between these colors. The interpolation of colors generates 500 new and unexpected shades, each uniquely printed on its own page, capturing the ethereal beauty of transitions not commonly discernible in a typical view of a rainbow.
Similarly, Sunset Book deals with colors and nature. We are all universally captivated by the vast beauty of the sky, especially during those subtle moments at sunset. Here, we engage with the Sublime—a force greater than ourselves that humbles us, inciting both fear and attraction and provoking introspection. What if we could experience sunsets from various places around our globe, or even throughout an entire year? Or from another planet with conditions conducive to life? This second project promises a unique experience, brimming with contrasts, surprises, and moments of sheer delight.
The third volume in the series, Shadow Book, adopts a minimalist approach, transitioning from the tangible nature of blank pages to the profound depths of shadowy realms. Readers are gradually introduced to various shades of gray, culminating in a deep, resonant black at the book’s center. It serves as an homage to the famous novel by Tanizaki.

The series is a testament to the ever-evolving nature of a book as an object. Through a blend of traditional medium and cutting-edge technology, it showcases the limitless possibilities of human creativity. Design and art enthusiasts are invited to experience these books as both a conceptual exploration and a sensory journey.

Reproduction by Ben Zurbriggen