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This stamp was created in order to celebrate the Swiss Civic Code’s 100 years of existance. The challenge was quite difficult, how can we celebrate and communicate the essence of such complicated legal book? What civic laws are all about ? Being typographers ourself and loving the industrial quality of the SCC book, we decided instead of create a unique new design, to be more conceptual, and curate the content using the existing graphic code of the book.
After researching and interviewing many specialists of this field, we realised that the most important point of the whole legal text is paragraph 1 of the second article:

“art. 2: 1 Every person must act in good faith in the exercise of his or her rights and in the performance of his or her obligations.”

“Faith” is the key element in which we create relationship with another person or with our community. So we decided to celebrate this beautiful phrase, as the essence of this book, rendering the text as used on the book, with “Times New Roman” but set in size 5 pt. We wanted to flirt with the philatelist who uses magnifier in order to read this beautiful piece of typography.

100 years of CCS
Swiss Civil Code
Swiss Post
Commemorative stamp
Printed in 2 million units